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My Philosophy

Sian with green circle around photo
“When I decided to become a reflexologist, it was because I wanted to be of service to others, to heal people and to make people feel healthy and good about themselves. I wanted to choose something that was natural, but effective, calming and relaxing”.

Sian Short - Wonderful World of Reflexology

This was a natural pathway for me, coming from a very stressful, hugely busy and challenging role in my previous career. I understand fully the effect that ongoing stress can take on our mind, body and wellbeing, but also how we can take back the control and heal ourselves through relaxation and great advice on how we live our daily lives.

There is so much we can do if we take the time to stop, review and make small changes that will ultimately have the biggest and most profound impact to the way we live our life, our health and our mental wellbeing.

The human body is a wonderful amazing structure and one that is capable of healing itself. The body’s system are always looking for balance and homoeostasis and we can support it in this process by being kind to ourselves and taking time to nurture ourselves. Reflexology does this from the inside out and treats the whole person body, mind and spirit.

I have been careful to select a number of quality reflexology treatments which have been developed by specialists in their fields, backed by research and will meet your specific needs, dependent upon your individual circumstances.

I recognise and believe we are all spiritual beings, here on a journey to discover who we really are and I have been fortunate enough to meet some beautiful awakened souls, who continue to inspire and nurture me on my own journey.

We are all beings of light and love, but we don’t always recognise who and what we are. I am happy to share with you what I have learned about who we are, if you too are on a journey of self discovery. It can be summed up quite simply by “Being not doing”.

“Pause, rest in the pause between breaths,

Pause in the rest between thoughts,

Bask in the space between words,

Stop in the stillness between time”

I only use natural, organic products throughout my treatments as I believe in the power of nature in plants and flowers and their ability to heal and nourish. I believe in looking after our planet and use recyclable products and equipment where I can.

I truly value each and every person who visits my practice. All are welcome and I believe in giving you 100% of my energy, time and focus in meeting your needs. I strive to provide you with a high quality service. I might not always be successful in healing everyone, but I can promise you that I will do my utmost in trying.

The treatments I provide work alongside medical services, as each have a special role to play when it comes to maintaining our health.


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