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Sian's Mobile foot Health Services


Your feet lead you everywhere in life and take a lot of stress and strain. They deserve to be looked after and you deserve to have healthy happy feet. If your feet feel good, then you will too. Sometimes, we all need support with our feet, whether a sports enthusiast, a busy professional or simply while enjoying retirement.

As we age, it sometimes becomes more difficult to reach our feet and we need help and support to keep them in good condition, plus feeling and looking good.

Sian is a fully qualified and insured practitioner on the National Foot Health Practitioner Register. Sian trained as a Foot Health Practitioner with Stonebridge College and achieved Diploma Level 4, O.A Dip & S.A.C.Dip.

Sian believes that quality foot care is an essential part of your wellbeing and can treat a range of common foot problems, which left untreated can lead to sore feet and difficulty getting around and walking comfortably. These can include:

  • Hard skin
  • Corns & callouses
  • Fungal and thickened nails
  • Cracked heels
  • Verruca’s
  • Athletes foot
  • Diabetic* foot conditions
  • Nail cutting


*If you are diabetic, it’s important to have your feet checked regularly, as reduced circulation and loss of sensation can mean that you can hurt your feet without knowing, which can lead to infection and other issues. 



Flat rate of £25 per appointment (regardless of the time or treatment required)

Sian offers a fully insured mobile health service in the comfort of your own home*, so you don’t need to worry about how you will get to your appointment. Sian covers Barry, The Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth and Cardiff.

*Depending on location, an additional charge may be added to the treatment price.


Podiatrists and Chiropodists can diagnose conditions, prescribe medications and are trained to deliver specialist treatments when it is needed, such as complex and invasive treatments for an infected wound. Foot Health Practitioners work on a wide range of less specialist and invasive treatments.

  • It helps to diagnose & treat conditions; reducing complications and stopping the spread of infections
  • It helps with walking, running and keeping us mobile, as feet carry the full weight of our bodies and play an important part in our daily activities and are often overlooked
  • Help those with Diabetes treat and control any possible damage caused by poor circulation, damage to nerves and lower limbs and to prevent infections and ulcers
  • Helps us feel more confident, especially in the summer, when our feet are more on view


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