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Cancer Support Reflexology

Complex medical conditions such as cancer can leave people feeling shocked, overwhelmed and traumatised; leading to stress, anxiety, fear and feeling emotionally vulnerable.

The Langstone-Wring Reflexology method (PCR) for cancer and auto-immune conditions is based upon the understanding that there exists a relationship between emotional and physical symptoms; both of which have the potential to trigger each other and once triggered can continue in a loop, producing symptoms such as pain, anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, raised blood pressure, headaches, irregular heartbeat, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, itchy skin, sweating and fainting. These symptoms are the physical effects of the body’s flight or fight response, when it has been triggered.

Professional Clinical Reflexology accreditation
Langstone – Wring Method

The Langstone-Wring Reflexology method (PCR) was developed through her extensive work with 5,000 treatments over a 5 year period in 3 clinical settings within the NHS, to meet and support the changing psychological and physical needs of people with cancer, from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

Abbigail adapted the normal reflexology treatment to support a persons experience of cancer and associated illness; by helping them to relax and be calm prior to and in-between, their treatments.


Single 60 minute treatment


All initial treatments include a free 30 minute phone health consultation prior to your appointment.

Multiple treatments

Book & pay for a course of 6 x 60 minute treatments:


If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer you will need to ask your consultant’s permission prior to booking a reflexology treatment.


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